Home Remedies: How To Treat Dry Nose At Home

Home Remedies: How To Treat Dry Nose At Home
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Although a dry nose is not a health-relating concern that you need to worry about, it may still put you at the risk of certain health conditions if it isn’t treated properly. In this article, we will give you effective ways to treat dry nose at home.

What is a dry nose?

A dry nose is a common sign of certain adverse environmental conditions. Moreover, a large number of people experience dry noses because of the overuse of some medications such as nasal sprays, decongestants, and antihistamines.

The human nose requires a specific level of humidity to work properly, and extremely dry or hot conditions could trigger a dry nose. Dry, hot climates and low humidity, along with overuse of air conditioners, could lead to a dry nose.

How to treat dry nose at home

1. Coconut oil

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Coconut oil is found in almost every household in India. It is used as a natural remedy for many purposes, from skincare to hair care. Coconut oil is a friend for many winter problems, including a dry nose. It mainly helps in providing soothing and soft skin. Coconut oil is known for treating acne, sunburns, stretch marks, chapped lips, dark circles, and even dryness.

It will not only moisturize your nose but also provide relief from other symptoms like itching and redness. Coconut oil contains antibacterial properties that make it a healing agent too. Just apply coconut oil on and around your nose. You will get the desired results in a few days.

2. Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly is also used the most during the winter season. Besides keeping the skin moisturized, it also helps in nourishment. Petroleum jelly is one of the best ways to moisturize and hydrate the dry skin in your nose. Take some petroleum jelly on your fingertips and apply it properly inside your nose. However, make sure you do not apply too much of it.

And, petroleum jelly is not bad for you as long as you are applying it externally. Do not use it inside your nostrils regularly. If you do so, it can cause long term serious problems for your lungs.

3. Vitamin E Oil

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Vitamin E oil helps increase the hydration of the skin and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. A study shows that alpha-tocopherol (a type of vitamin E) could help in the treatment of pollen-induced allergic rhinitis. Hence, it may hydrate the nasal mucosa, relieve dryness, and accelerate the healing process of the nasal passages.

4. Steam Bowl

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The steam when is filled in your nose could moisturize mucous membranes, which are painful and dry. This helps calm down the discomfort of the dry nose in the short term and clears out the nose. Among natural treatments for dry nose, this is a very effective option used since ages to get rid of dry nose.

  • Boil up several cups of water and put it into an extensive bowl
  • Place the face over the bowl and use a towel to cover over your head.
  • Breathe for 5 to 10 minutes and followed up 15 extra minutes with the application of coconut oil.

Even, inhaling the steam from tea or taking a hot shower may offer assistance to your dry nose.

6. Sesame Oil

Pain and itching might be the most annoying symptoms of dry nose. According to recent studies, sesame oil assuages the irritation and pain caused due to the dryness. If you infuse sesame oil with essential oils such as chamomile, it will help reduce both acute itching and nasal irritation.

Sesame oil may act as a super treatment which may reduce the irritation and pain resulted from dry nose. The vitamin E in sesame oil acts as an excellent moisturizer for dry skin.

7. Using humidifier to treat dry nose

humidifier which can help with dry nose


Dryness in the environment can worsen a dry nose and trigger congestion. Maintaining humidity in the room where you spend most of the day is a necessity in frigid weather conditions.

Humidifiers or vaporizers are used to add moisture to the surroundings and can ease symptoms, such as irritation in the nose and dryness . In the absence of humidifiers, water-filled buckets can be placed near heating systems to create ambient humidity.

8. Nasal spray

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Nasal sprays are also very effective in curing congestion, cold, sinuses, dry nose and irritation. It helps in flushing out your nasal passages with a saline spray. You just simple have to spray it in your nostril, whilst tilting your head so it flows out of the other nostril. Do this with each nostril. This will not only help with your sinuses but also be an effective home remedy for dry nose.

Saline spray or even saltwater is a simple natural way for a dry nose, and it can be easily prepared at home. What happens is that the salt water plays the role of a humidifier and keeps the nasal lining moist. This further helps in clearing out mucus and irritants in the nasal passage.

In conclusion, these are effective home remedies to treat dry nose at home you can apply.


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