Top Popular Sports in Vietnam

Top Popular Sports in Vietnam
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In this article,Let’s learn more details below:Top Popular Sports in Vietnam

Vietnam is actively involved in sports. Sports in this country have played a very important role in the country’s cultural field. They have also been important in the country’s cultural development. Vietnam also has various sports clubs and training facilities that are used to train the upcoming sportsmen and sportswomen.

1. Football – the most popular sport in Vietnam

popular sports in Vietnam

Football is the most well-liked sport in Vietnam. Its annual competition by the appellation League has been on ever since 1980. Once Vietnam was split into North Vietnam and Asian countries, 2 national groups existed.

The Asian country national team wasn’t terribly active, enjoying nearly completely against different Communist countries between 1956 and 1966, whereas the South Vietnamese national team took half within the 1st 2 AFC Asian Cup finals, finishing fourth place each time.

2. Badminton

popular sports in Vietnam


Badminton is a very common sport in Vietnam, and it is usually played by young and middle-aged people. When played professionally, badminton is one of the country’s strengths. People in Vietnam can play badminton from morning till evening. When you visit Vietnam and stroll around the parks of Hanoi, such as Bach Thao, Thong Nhat, Hang Dau, and even on streets that have wide spaces, you will be able to see many people of different ages playing badminton.

You can also spot many pre-drawn badminton courts on the ground in Vietnam. When you see these, all you have to do is set up a net and bring your racket to play.

3. Table tennis – one of the popular sports in Vietnam

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Table tennis, in Vietnam, is a game for the elderly. In fact, they have training centers for this sport around the country. But aside from the elderly, table tennis is also played professionally in Vietnam. It is played by the Vietnam Davis Cup team, and as well as the Vietnam Fed Cup team.

The main global team event un men’s tennis is the Davis Cup, while the Fed Cup is a women’s table tennis competition. Both cups are run by the Vietnam Tennis Federation.

4. Rugby Union


Rugby union in Vietnam may have a minor growing sport. Like several minor football nations, the game is centered within the metropolis. The Indochinese Cup was established in 1999, as a multilateral tournament between Vietnamese groups from the urban center and capital of Vietnam, Laotian capital (Laos), and national capital (Cambodia). The historical reference to France may be a mixed blessing.

5. Cricket in Vietnam

popular sports in Vietnam


This sport was played first in Vietnam in the middle of the 20th century. The sport was, however, made formal with the creation of the Hanoi Cricket Club in 1993.

In the country, this sport is mainly played by English immigrants who have maintained the social features of cricket in a country where football is the most played sport. It is worth noting that the sports industry in Vietnam has not set an official body for cricket. All in all, the industry is promoting cricket by lobbying for the creation of a cricket organization, especially in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh regions.

6. Chess 



Vietnam is habitat to numerous chess players who compete globally. Some of the well-known chess players include Paul Truong, Hoang Thanh Trang, and Cesar Boutteville just to mention a few.

7. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

scuba diving centres in vietnam vietnam

Watersports, particularly snorkeling and scuba diving, are also very popular in Vietnam. This is because the country has a long shoreline that is about 2121 miles, which is a very good setting for watersports.

Most of the scuba diving and snorkeling spots in Vietnam are located in the southern and central regions. One of the most popular is Nha Trang in central Vietnam, which is considered to be a starting-off point for a lot of snorkel locations in the South China Sea.

To sum up, these are some of the top popular sports in Vietnam.


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